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The first step in our step in our adoption process is to fill out an application. Below is a PDF and Word version of our application.   You can also browse available animals by going to Adopt A Pet .  You can also email us directly at .  Please do not email us if you cannot see your self with the same dog in 10 yrs.  We also require you take puppies and any dog that might be less social or any dog we feel can benefit from training to go to professional training.  All dogs should go through professional training.  Well trained dog will make your life easier.  TRAINING IS VERY IMPORTANT!!!
After we get the application back from you our volunteer staff will review it and determine if you are a match.  Preference will be given to people with verified vetting history, home ownership, a fenced in yard, a job, and those over 21 yrs of age.  
After the application is reviewed and we think you are a match we will contact you to set up a home visit in your home.  We ask that your current pets and all that live in the household be present.  We look at your yard, and where the dog will be living and sleeping.  We also look for any hazards that might be in the home like wires and objects anywhere a dog can get into.  We can make arrangements for virtual visits if you are a distance away.  
When we meet you and you like our dog and the dog likes you we most likely will move forward with the adoption (some dogs have multiple homes interested and go on multiple home visits).
At the time of adoption we will provide you with all the information we have on the dog and that includes vet records some food the dog has been on and other items that might pertain to the dog.  You will sign a contract at this time and also provide adoption fee.  
For dogs too young to get spayed/neutered we will also have you sign a second contract agreeing to take the dog to our vet when the dog is 6 months old for the surgery and we also require a deposit to ensure that the surgery gets done. 

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