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Surrendering your Pet

Think long and hard before getting a pet so you do not have to turn around and rehome your pet.  Your pets are your responsibility for their whole lives.  They rely on you.  

We are not dog trainers but can help you find trainers and behaviorist.  

There are not farmers or people on acreage just lined up to take your untrained active dog.  That is a myth.  Not to many people have a big enough home or wallet to spend on taking on a dog with behavioral issues.  

Most dogs are sweet as can be and a real love we know that.  People are not going around saying yeah I got this great dog he is mean, and bits and pees in the house but I love him. 


Before you reach out to surrender

Training and exercise and proper vet care will help you and your dog live a long and happy life together. Socialize your dog so in the event that you absolutely have to rehome your dog is fine with strange people, places and other dogs, cats and kids.  Spay and neuter your pets!  Without hormones running wild pes are less likely to have behavioral issues. 

We are not a shelter but foster based.  That means all our dogs are in private homes.  All our fosters have other dogs.  If you have a snarling biting dog over 20lbs we cannot take your dog.  Our foster home's dogs and family come first. 

Be honest with us if you send us an email about needing to rehome your pet.  We need to know the following: 

Breed age and sex of your pet.  

Is your pet spayed or neutered (can be done at six months)?

Is your pet current on vaccinations?  Dogs over six months should have a current rabies vaccination and Parvo/distemper vaccination and heartworm test. If your dog is under 6 months old it should have parvo/distemper and worming.  Take your pet to the vet if not current. 

How is your dog with other dogs (see above), cats and kids?  

Does your dog have any health or behavioral issues.  

Pictures of your dog.  

What are your pets needs; a quiet home, active person, fenced yard, privacy fenced yard, etc.  

Why do you need to surrender your dog and have you looked into ways to keep your pet that loves you with you. 

Common issues

My dog bite someone

Why did your dog bite? Untrained dogs might bite randomly but trained ones do not.

Was it scared?  New people, new sounds, new home,

Was it unsupervised?  Do not be the person that lives small children alone with a dog.  Kids crawl, pull, tease.  Don't leave your dog outside or at park or stranger's place and expect them not get nervous.  

Was it provoked by another dog or person? 

Is your dog not feeling well?  Your dog might need to go to the dog to get checked out for a health issue you cannot see.  I do not want people touching or talking to me when I do not feel well what about you?  

Is in the breed to be mouthy?  Some breeds are mouthy and use their mouth to get attention.  

Dogs bite for all sorts of reasons.  Do not over react.  Assess the situation. 

I am not home enough

Getting a dog means you are making a commitment of 10yrs or more. 

Work schedule changed:  Find someone to walk your dog.  Take your dog to doggie daycare.  There are lots of websites that people will come to your home and watch your dog or your dog goes to their home.  Us them. 

If you have had your dog for years and think it would be better somewhere else think if the same can be said for you.  Your parents don't have time for your, your friends do not have time for you, your kids do not have time for you so they just rather you not be around.  You have not done anything wrong other then they are do not want to work at being part of your life.  How would you like that. 

My dog got too big

Unless you get a dog from a reputable breeder you have no idea how big or small your dog might get if you got it as a puppy.  We have adopted a lot of dogs that we thought would be small to medium and turned into large dogs.  Rescues/shelters give their best educated guess.  A large dog well trained is not a problem. 

My dog has seperation anxiety

Find a dog trainer/behaviorist.  Take your dog to the vet.  Some dogs do not like be left alone, mostly smaller dogs.  If you have a large breed dog that you have had since a puppy that cannot be left alone you need to fix the problem you created by not properly training your dog. 

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